Kunde: Schneider Optical Machines. Agentur: brand2.

Da machen Fachleute Augen.

Schneider Optical Machines ist international führender Hersteller von Linsenschleifgeräten für Präzisionsoptik. Die internationale Anzeigenkampagne erschien in Fachmagazinen der Branche.


Internationale Anzeigenkampagne


HSC smart. Size: S. Performance: XXL.

Strive for the ultimate generator: Whether excellent quality, high productivity or superior robustness is required - HSC master is made to meet all your requirements. The HSC master machine design concept builds on the industry-proven kinematics HSC+G combining fast rough cutting and gribbing with the most precise HSC fi ne tuning process. Depending on your preferences, HSC master comes with the maintenance-free CS-Tec motor or the ultra-speed US-tec motor - or even with both. Auto Tool Detection and Auto Tool Adjustment maximize the effective production time resulting in a virtually never-stopping generation of the fi nest Rx and freeform lenses. Built on the most advanced and broadest expertise of direct-surfacing generators, HSC master is the best news in surfacing for years to come!

Internationale Anzeigenkampagne
Internationale Anzeigenkampagne

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